Welcome to the Planning and Scheduling Team's homepage. Our group is part of the Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology (ISTC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR).

Our research is carried out in the form of specifically funded projects, general research activities and prototypical software development. Therefore, we have categorized all the information on our research as follows (see the menu on the left):

  • Applications: Planning and Scheduling technology applied to space (mission and spacecraft control) and domotics (user service generation through the use of intelligent components).
  • Research: The basic research we have been carrying out during the years: from scheduling algorithms to human-computer interaction, some brief descriptions of and pointers to the most significant results we have achieved.
  • Software: Here you will find some information about the software tools developed at the PST, which range from AI Planning and Scheduling solving algorithms to complex architectures for coupling them with so humans as problem solvers themselves.

    Most of our publications are organized in a browsable list.