Scheduling algorithms

This line of research started in 1997 and involves joint work of Amedeo Cesta and Angelo Oddi with a long term collaboration with Steve Smith (CMU).

The general idea is to build scheduling heuristics on top of a temporal representation based on a Simple Temporal Network. Additional ideas have been:

In a number of papers we have studied problems with multi-capacity resources and temporal separation constraints between activities. It is to be noted that specifying maximum distance constraint between two activities of the Schedule makes the satisfability problem NP-Hard (see [Bartush et al. 88]). We have studied various scheduling problems having both these features:

Being a research group that survives with external funding we have recently worked at solving specialized scheduling problems in various application domains. This is an example from a space domain scheduling problem:

We are currently enlarging our interest to problems connected to the schedule execution, schedule robustness, and reactive revision of schedules. As soon as we'll have stable results they will integrate this page.