The Scheduling Competition: open questions

The ICAPS workshop on "Scheduling a Scheduling Competition" is aimed at establishing a preliminary discussion on the issue of organizing a regular competitive event for evaluating scheduling systems. This page contains a list of open questions which are relevant to this discussion. The questions are the starting point for the panel on "Defining an approach to competition implementation" which will be held at the workshop (see the workshop program).

  • Which are the motivations (academic and industrial) for organizing a scheduling competition?

  • Should the scheduling competition provide a single formal language to represent benchmark instances?

  • Which tracks should be provided in a scheduling competition?

  • Is the scheduling competition aimed at evaluating algorithms, systems, or both?

  • Which measures should be adopted for evaluation?

During the technical program of the workshop, new questions may be added and/or the above questions may be ammended. After the workshop, this site will evolve into an open forum through which to discuss work in progress and ideas regarding the competition.

Any comments, questions, or observations can be sent to Federico Pecora (federico.pecora (here-at) or Nicola Policella (nicola.policella (here-at)

last update: September 7th, 2007