Designing a Testset Generator for Reactive Scheduling

N. Policella and R. Rasconi

In Intelligenza Artificiale (Italian Journal on Artificial Intelligence), 2(3):29-36, 2005

In this work we design a benchmark generator for the reactive scheduling problem. This problem consists in monitoring the execution of a schedule and repairing it every time it is deemed necessary. The main motivations behind this work grow out either from the recognized lack (hence the necessity) of benchmark sets for this specific problem as well as from the fact that the resolution of a scheduling problem consists both in the synthesis of an initial solution (``static'' or ``predictive'' scheduling) and in the utilization of a number of methodologies dedicated to the continuous preservation of solution consistency (and quality). In fact, the occurrence of exogenous events during the execution phase in real working environments, often compromises the schedule's original characteristics.