Planning and scheduling for workflow domains

M. D. R-Moreno, D. Borrajo, A. Oddi, A. Cesta and D. Meziat

In L. Castillo, D. Borrajo, M. A. Salido & A. Oddi (Eds), "Planning, Scheduling, and Constraint Satisfaction: From Theory to Practice", IOS Press, 2005

One of the main obstacles in applying AI planning techniques to real problems is the difficulty to model the domains. Usually, this requires that the people that have developed the planning system carry out the modeling phase, since the representation depends very much on a deep knowledge of the internal working of the planning tools. Since, in Business Process Reengineering (BPR), there has already been some work on the definition of languages that allow non-experts to enter knowledge on processes into the tools, we propose here the use of one of such languages to enter knowledge on the organisation processes. As instances of this domain, we will use the workflow modeling tool SHAMASH, where we have exploited its object oriented structure and rule-base approach to introduce the knowledge through its user-friendly interface. Then, we have used a translator to transform it into predicate logic terms. After this conversion, real models can be au tomatically generated using a planner that integrates Planning and Scheduling, IPSS. We present results in a simplified real workflow domain, the TELEPHONE INSTALLATION (TI) domain.