Validating Scheduling Approaches against Executional Uncertainty

Cesta, A., Policella, N., and Rasconi, R

In CAEPIA 2007 Workshop on Planning, Scheduling and Constraint Satisfaction, Salamanca, Spain, 2007

This paper introduces a general methodology to perform a comparative evaluation on the efficacy of different approaches that tackle the problem of scheduling with uncertainty. Different proactive (off-line) and reactive (on-line) scheduling policies are evaluated by simulating the execution of a number of baseline schedules under uncertain environmental conditions, and observing the solution behaviors as such schedules get stressed by exogenous events of overall equal difficulty. The present analysis is an attempt to assess the impact of both proactive and reactive scheduling efforts on the robustness of the baseline solutions, against measurable disrupting factors, through reproducible experiments. As the results show, this dynamic approach reveals extremely useful to unveil some subtle aspects of the solutions, which would have remained undetected through static metric evaluations.