Robotic, Sensory and Problem-Solving Ingredients for the Future Home

Cesta, A., Iocchi, L., Leone, G. R., Nardi, D., Pecora, F., and Rasconi, R

In , 2008

RoboCare has been a three-year Italian research project aimed at assessing the extent to which different state-of-the-art technologies can benefit the creation of an assistive environment for elder care. In its final year, the project focused on producing a demonstration exhibiting an integration of robotic, sensory and problem-solving software agents. This article describes the RoboCare Domestic Environment, an experimental three-room flat in which a number of heterogeneous robotic, domotic, and intelligent software agents provide domestic cognitive support services for elderly people. The RDE is a deployed multi-agent system in which agents coordinate their behavior to create user services such as non-intrusive monitoring of daily activities and activity management assistance. This article provides a summary of the system's key features, focusing on the integrated prototypical environment which was deployed in the RoboCare lab in Rome and exhibited at the RoboCup 2006 competition.