Studying Decision Support for MARS EXPRESS Planning Tasks: A Report from the MEXAR Experience

A. Cesta, G. Cortellessa, A. Oddi, and N. Policella

In Proceedings of IWPSS-04. Fourth International Workshop for Planning and Scheduling for Space. ESA-ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany, June (WPP-228, ESA Publication Division) pp. 232-240, 2004

This paper describes an experiment of technology infusion into a European Space Agency (ESA) mission. It reports a study conducted in the context of the MARS EXPRESS mission to address the Memory Dumping Problem of the spacecraft. The paper describes the steps for developing a complete approach aimed at creating an interactive decision aid for the human mission planner called MEXAR. In particular, it is shown how problem solving technology for planning, scheduling and constraint reasoning is integrated with an interaction module to create a set of advanced services for the user.