Research on Cognitive Robotics at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, National Research Council of Italy

Pezzulo, G., Baldassarre, G., Cesta, A., and Nolfi, S.

In Cognitive Processing, vol. 12 pp. 367 - 374. Springer, 2011

ISTC-CNR is a research hub in cognitive robotics as this is the main research focus of several research labs working within it. The interdisciplinary approach used is one of the key characteristics of cognitive robotics studies at ISTC-CNR. This research involves over 30 people (among researchers, Post-Docs, and PhD students) having different backgrounds (ranging from engineering and computer science to psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy) and pursuing research objectives as diverse as (a) the use of computational and robotic models to investigate psychological and neural phenomena, (b) the realization of novel paradigms for robot learning, control, planning, decision making, team making, and human-robot interaction, and (c) the delivery of novel autonomous robotic technologies that act in real-world scenarios.