Closed-loop production and automation scheduling in RMSs

Carpanzano, E., Cesta, A., Orlandini, A., Rasconi, R., and Valente, A.

In ETFA 2011. The IEEE 16th Conference on Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation. IEEE, 2011

Highly reconfigurable and agile production systems are selected to operate in production contexts often characterized by changes of the production requirements or changes of the part family demand. The operational level for such system architecture is expected to manage the short term production planning while guaranteeing the automation layer enables physical devices to exploit logic control tasks within the specific time buckets. The proposed work outlines an integrated approach supporting the operational level for RMSs in which the scheduling of production jobs and the scheduling of corresponding automation tasks are dynamically coupled. Connections with consolidated constraint-based representation and solving techniques are also discussed. The integrated scheduling approach has been validated with reference to a Finishing Robotic Cell (FRC) operating in a pilot assembly line.