Scheduling a Single Robot in a Job-Shop Environment through Precedence Constraint Posting

Diaz, D., Rodriguez-Moreno, M. D., Cesta, A., Oddi, A., Rasconi, R.

In IEA/AIE 2011. Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth International Conference on Industrial, Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems. Lecture Notes on Computer Science N.6704(2), pp. 216-225. Springer, 2011

The paper presents recent work on using robust state-of-the-art AI Planning and Scheduling (P&S) techniques to provide autonomous capabilities in a space robotic domain. We have defined a simple robotic scenario, reduced it to a known scheduling problem which is addressed here with a constraint-based, resource-driven reasoner. We present an initial experimentation that compares different meta-heuristic algorithms.