APSI-based Deliberation in Goal Oriented Autonomous Controllers

Fratini, S., Cesta, A., Orlandini, A., Rasconi, R., De Benedictis, R.

In ASTRA 2011. Proc. of 11th Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation. April 12-14 2011, Noordwijk, the Netherlands, 2011

This paper describes a timeline-based, domain independent deliberative layer, based on E SA APSI technology, deployed in the context of the Goal Oriented Autonomous Controller (G OAC) project. In particular the paper describes a new controller composed by (1) a planning module that exploits the timeline-based approach provided by the APSI - TRF and is able to model and solve planning problems, (2) a module that dispatches planned timelines, supervises their execution status and entails continuous planning and re-planning. An example will illustrate both modules at work.