The Geriatrician

Pigliautile, M., Tiberio, L., Mecocci, P., Federici, S.

In S. Federici and M. J. Scherer (Eds.), Assistive Technology Assessment Handbook (pp. 269-299). Boca Raton, FL, US: CRC Press, 2012

Heterogeneity in the health status of elderly patients requires a particular care approach, and geriatric medicine is the answer. To cope with, the geriatric assessment approach guides the geriatrician into considering the interaction between functional status and cognitive, medical, affective, environmental, social support, economic, and spirituality dimensions. Rehabilitation is the goal of the geriatric assessment, and the introduction of assistive solutions in geriatric rehabilitation makes possible a scenario in which the functioning of elderly people with physical or cognitive limitations is improved. This chapter provides an overview of the areas where technological systems may offer support to the everyday life of the elderly and their caregivers. The contribution of a geriatrician in a center for technical aid is described, linking the comprehensive geriatric assessment with the ICF model. The lack of implementation of the ICF and the requirement of training in assistive solutions for geriatricians and caregivers are discussed.