Verification and validation meet planning and scheduling

Bensalem, S., Havelund, K. and Orlandini, A.

In International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer, 16(1) pp. 1-16. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014

A planning and scheduling (P&S) system takes as input a domain model and a goal, and produces a plan of actions to be executed, which will achieve the goal. A P&S system typically also offers plan execution and monitoring engines. Due to the non-deterministic nature of planning problems, it is a challenge to construct correct and reliable P&S systems, including, for example, declarative domain models. Verification and validation (V&V) techniques have been applied to address these issues. Furthermore, V&V systems have been applied to actually perform planning, and conversely, P&S systems have been applied to perform V&V of more traditional software. This article overviews some of the literature on the fruitful interaction between V&V and P&S.