RoboCare: Pervasive Intelligence for the Domestic Care of the Elderly

S. Bahadori, A. Cesta, G. Grisetti, L. Iocchi, R. Leone, D. Nardi, A. Oddi, F. Pecora, and R. Rasconi

In Intelligenza Artificiale (Italian Journal on Artificial Intelligence), I(1):16-21, 2004

This article reports the state of advancement of the RoboCare project, which was launched in December 2002 to address the problem of providing assistance to elderly people using a combination of software, robots, intelligent sensors and humans. It addresses the creation of a multi-agent environment in which all these actors cooperate synergistically in order to provide user ser- vices. This paper details two aspects of the system in the making, namely the centralized, service-oriented super- vision infrastructure, called Active Supervision Framework (ASF), and the robotic components in use in the present stage of system development.