IPSS: A Hybrid Reasoner for Planning and Scheduling

R-Moreno, M.D., Oddi, A., Borrajo, D., Cesta, A., and Meziat D

In Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-04), Valencia, Spain, August 22nd - 27th, pp. 1065-1066 (poster paper), 2004

In this paper we describe IPSS (Integrated Planning and Scheduling System), a domain independent solver that integrates an AI heuristic planner, that synthesizes courses of actions, with a constraint-based scheduler for reasoning about time and resources. IPSS is able to solve planning problems with time (precedence constraints, deadline, time windows, etc) and binary resource usage/consumption. Experimental results show that the contextual reasoning of the planner with the constraint-based solver allows to improve the total makespan on a set of problems characterized by multiple agents.