Planning and Scheduling Ingredients for a Multi-Agent System

F. Pecora and A. Cesta

In Proceedings of UK PLANSIG 2002, Delft (The Netherlands), November 21-22, (ISSN 1368-5708, pp. 135-148), 2002

The aim of this paper is to show some work on applying planning and scheduling technology in a multi-agent setting. The context of the research presented herein is the development of an active supervision system for a multi-agent environment. With the idea of using o -the-shelf components, we have implemented a rst version of the control framework. Speci cally, the creation of distributed plans is achieved by using BlackBox in a domain in which time and resource features have been abstracted away, and cascading it with O-Oscar to accommodate this further information. The result, although preliminary, shows how such planning and scheduling components can contribute an interesting coordination service for realistic applications.