Riccardo Rasconi

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Riccardo Rasconi

born in Rome (1966)
MS degree in Electronics Engineering (Specialization in Computer Science) from the
University of Rome "La Sapienza" (2001)


    • Research Scientist at Planning and Scheduling Team [PST] at ISTC-CNR (the Institute for Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the Italian National Research Council)

research interests

    • Scheduling Algorithms and Heuristics
    • Reactive Scheduling and Schedule Execution Monitoring and Control
    • Integration of Planning and Scheduling






Photos from the PLANET International Summer School on AI Planning 2003, Madonna di Campiglio (Click here)


Contact address:
Institute for Cognitive Science and Technologies
National Research Council of Italy

Via San Martino della Battaglia, 44
I-00185 Rome

Tel.: +39-06-44595270
Fax: +39-06-44595243


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